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Small Business Owner? Top Online Resources For Australian Startup Companies

The process of business registration can seem pretty complex and intimidating, and it isn’t unusual to see just the registration of a company as a major achievement in itself. If you’ve had to go through multiple names or draw up a detailed constitution, it often can be! However, in reality, business registration is just the first step on the road to becoming a self-made billionaire (!). Today we check out some of the top tools that Australian startup companies can use after their business registration is complete, to ensure a long and prosperous future.

The E-Business Guide

This tool can be used either before or after to help you sort through the niceties of doing business online, especially the legal, financial and taxation implications. It is a government-run site, and provides directors just out of business registration with things like:

• Writing a business plan
• Equipment and connection for online businesses
• Creating a brief for a website developer
• Internet security
• Usability testing for your website
• Maintenance of your site – they aren’t just ‘set and forget’
• Obtaining training in e-business related areas

Small Business Toolkit

This site is provided by the NSW government, but isn’t exclusive to business registrations within that state. If you haven’t yet completed your business registration, this site has a handy section looking at whether being in small business is the right decision for you, and with some inspirational videos to get you excited about the prospect of starting up your business. However, if you’re way past that stage, you can get help here with:

• Marketing your business
• Finance for your operations
• Managing your business finances
• Planning your business activities
• Employing people
• Exporting your goods
• Other legal issues

It also allows you to test what you’ve learned… despite having read and researched about your industry, there may still be things you have missed. The tests help you cement new knowledge in your head.

Government Business Site is a national website that acts as a central point for all potential and new businesses. It offers advice on many of the same things as the New South Wales site, and also has links to the E-business website, of course. However, some very handy additions to this site for companies after business registration include:

• Grants and assistance information. There is a handy grant-finder tool on the website where you input your information, and get a listing of all grants you may be eligible for.
• Information about business taxation (a whole different ballgame to personal taxation)
• Home based business differences and guides
• Directories of places to get advice and support (nationwide)
• List of government contacts and directories that are useful for businesses

Enterprise Connect

If you just need to know how to solve your manufacturing problem, or resolve an employment issue before its blows up in your face, Enterprise Connect is the place to go. They are government run, and have a network of Business Advisers that can review your company, and give you hints and tips as well as real solutions to problems you might face after business registration – an invaluable resource.

These are just some of the great online resources for small business owners. No doubt you have researched your industry carefully and know it well but starting your own cpmpany is hard work. Making use of free resources such as those listed above is a great and cost effective way of getting good advice and in turn, bettering your company’s chances of success.

13 Tips For Guaranteed Success to the Most Perfect Home-Based Business

Sure, sure, sure-virtually everyone calls their home-based-business ‘PERFECT’–right? So with zillions of opportunities offered everyday–which one is telling the truth and which one is the right one for you? Listed below are 13 of the most comprehensive tips and tools that will significantly benefit you in your search to find the ‘perfect’ home-based business–wherein you can make the most educated decision of your life and future.

1) The ‘perfect’ home-based business should have been in business a minimum of 5 years and should have little or no debt.

2) The ‘perfect’ home-based business would sell to the world rather than a single neighborhood or even a single city or state.

(3) The ‘perfect’ home-based business would offer a product that people either need or desire–almost regardless of price.

(4) The ‘perfect’ home-based business would sell a product which cannot be easily substituted or copied. This means that the product is an original or at least it is something that can’t be copyrighted or patented.

(5) The ‘perfect’ home-based business has minimal labor requirements (the fewer personnel–the better). Today’s example of this is the much-talked about “virtual corporation.” The virtual corporation may consist of an office with three executives, where literally all manufacturing and services are farmed out to other companies. In the ‘perfect’ home-based business-you’re the boss.

(6) The ‘perfect’ home-based business enjoys low overhead. It does not need an expensive location–it does not need large amounts of electricity, advertising, legal advice, high-priced employees, large inventory, etc. In the ‘perfect’ business there is no overhead as everything is done from your home.

(7) The ‘perfect’ home-based business does not require big cash outlays or major investments in equipment. In other words, it does not tie up your capital. One of the major reasons for new-business failure is under-capitalization.

(8) The ‘perfect’ home-based business enjoys cash billings. In other words–it does not tie up your capital with lengthy or complex credit terms. In this ‘perfect’ home-based business, the company does your billing for you by accepting credit cards or debiting checking accounts.

(9) The ‘perfect’ home-based business is relatively free of all kinds of government and industry regulations and structures. If you now own your own business, you most definitely know what I mean with this one.

(10) The ‘perfect’ home-based business is portable or easily moveable. This means that you can take your business (and yourself) anywhere you want-virtually anywhere in the world.

(11) Here’s a crucial one that’s often overlooked. The ‘perfect’ home-based business satisfies your intellectual and often emotional needs. There is nothing like being fascinated and incredibility satisfied with what you’re doing. When that happens–you’re not working–you’re having fun.

(12) The ‘perfect’ home-based business leaves you with free time. In other words, it doesn’t require your labor and attention 12, 16 or 18 hours a day. In this business you can work as few or as many hours as you choose. You decide when you want to work and how many hours you want to invest in your future.

(13) Super-important: The ‘perfect’ home-based business is one in which your income is not limited by your personal output. (Lawyers and doctors have this problem). In the ‘perfect’ home-based business you can sell 10,000 customers as easily as you sell to one. (Publishing is an example). And, with the ‘perfect’ home-based business, there is no ceiling on how much you can earn.

What makes this ‘perfect’ home-based business so unique is this: It’s like a 3-legged stool wherein you need all three legs to keep you from falling over.

1) There’s never any inventory to maintain as the company houses the product-ships your customer’s order right to their door-and bills the customer for you.

2) The business provides you with a tried-and-true product that everyone wants and needs-and, what is most important of all is that it’s renewable-meaning that your customers will virtually order this product for themselves and their families for the rest of their lives.

3) And the last leg of the stool is YOU. You are the only variable in this ‘perfect’ home-based business. Unlike a conventional business wherein it doesn’t matter how hard you work-you are still paid the same rate of pay. In this–your ‘perfect’ business–YOU are paid according to your own efforts.

That’s it. Using the list will help you cut through a lot of nonsense and hypocrisy and wishes and dreams regarding what you are looking for in life and in your work. How many people do you know that work at the ‘perfect’ home-based business? As for YOU–it’s definitely helpful knowing what you’re looking for and dealing with. As a friend once put it, “I can’t lay an egg and I can’t cook, but I know what a great omelet looks like and tastes like.”

We found this PERFECT business 17 years ago and have never looked back. Well–not unless it was another entrepreneur trying to recruit us into their home-based business. In all these years–no one has yet to come close to this 40+ year-old–pro-environmental–debt-free–7 BILLION dollar business that offers an incredible ‘benefit package’ that rivals most of the Fortune 500 Companies.

If you have read this article this far–you undoubtedly have been looking at other home-based businesses. If you are really serious about starting the PERFECT home-based business then do your homework first. Research is everything. Also–and prime to this business–your start up fee is only $50. As you are evaluating our 13 prerequisites to a guaranteed successful business–do consider that this small fee will align you with this 7 billion dollar–distributor friendly business that doesn’t sell–but shares information. That’s right! You aren’t selling–but only sharing information to the potential customer who can then make their own educated decision.


• You don’t need to spend a lot of money.
• You don’t have fixed overhead and labor costs.
• You don’t face any financial risk.
• Build a small profitable business using name-brand products and a tried and proven system.
• Build a customer base and develop a distributor network by sharing the system with others.
• Receive a percentage of the sales volume of the other businesses.
• Receive effective support for you, your customers and your team.

It’s really that simple!

Having said that–we hope that we have offered you more than enough information to make an educated decision in starting what we have come to know as the most Perfect Home-Based Business in the World.

DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK! Just because we shared some hard-to-believe information-don’t take our word for it–do your own research. For countless other valuable information–please contact the website below.