Small Business Owner? Top Online Resources For Australian Startup Companies

The process of business registration can seem pretty complex and intimidating, and it isn’t unusual to see just the registration of a company as a major achievement in itself. If you’ve had to go through multiple names or draw up a detailed constitution, it often can be! However, in reality, business registration is just the first step on the road to becoming a self-made billionaire (!). Today we check out some of the top tools that Australian startup companies can use after their business registration is complete, to ensure a long and prosperous future.

The E-Business Guide

This tool can be used either before or after to help you sort through the niceties of doing business online, especially the legal, financial and taxation implications. It is a government-run site, and provides directors just out of business registration with things like:

• Writing a business plan
• Equipment and connection for online businesses
• Creating a brief for a website developer
• Internet security
• Usability testing for your website
• Maintenance of your site – they aren’t just ‘set and forget’
• Obtaining training in e-business related areas

Small Business Toolkit

This site is provided by the NSW government, but isn’t exclusive to business registrations within that state. If you haven’t yet completed your business registration, this site has a handy section looking at whether being in small business is the right decision for you, and with some inspirational videos to get you excited about the prospect of starting up your business. However, if you’re way past that stage, you can get help here with:

• Marketing your business
• Finance for your operations
• Managing your business finances
• Planning your business activities
• Employing people
• Exporting your goods
• Other legal issues

It also allows you to test what you’ve learned… despite having read and researched about your industry, there may still be things you have missed. The tests help you cement new knowledge in your head.

Government Business Site is a national website that acts as a central point for all potential and new businesses. It offers advice on many of the same things as the New South Wales site, and also has links to the E-business website, of course. However, some very handy additions to this site for companies after business registration include:

• Grants and assistance information. There is a handy grant-finder tool on the website where you input your information, and get a listing of all grants you may be eligible for.
• Information about business taxation (a whole different ballgame to personal taxation)
• Home based business differences and guides
• Directories of places to get advice and support (nationwide)
• List of government contacts and directories that are useful for businesses

Enterprise Connect

If you just need to know how to solve your manufacturing problem, or resolve an employment issue before its blows up in your face, Enterprise Connect is the place to go. They are government run, and have a network of Business Advisers that can review your company, and give you hints and tips as well as real solutions to problems you might face after business registration – an invaluable resource.

These are just some of the great online resources for small business owners. No doubt you have researched your industry carefully and know it well but starting your own cpmpany is hard work. Making use of free resources such as those listed above is a great and cost effective way of getting good advice and in turn, bettering your company’s chances of success.